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Alexis Alcorn

Alexis Alcorn

How did you get into cars and/or modeling?

I’ve loved cars ever since I was about five. I spent almost every weekend at the drag strip with my grandfather. Since then I’ve met my fiancé Cam who is a die hard mustang fan. He owns a 2013 Boss 302 in school buss yellow. We’re for sure a car loving couple who plans to pass on the love of cars to our one year old little boy Jaxon.

What are your passions and dreams?

A dream of mine has always been to peruse a career in the medical field. This past year I have achieved that dream and become an Ophthalmic technician. The next dream to check off the list would have to be building a house.

If you could own one vehicle, which would it be and why?

I love mustangs and always have so my dream car would have to be a 2004 grabber green Mach 1.

What vehicle/s do you own? What modifications do you have? What are the plans?

I just recently got rid of my 2009 mustang GT and I’m on the hunt for something new.

What do you feel is the best thing about yourself?

I am compassionate and empathetic. I care about everyone and I love to make people happy.

What is something that people would never guess about you?

Most people think I’m really quiet and shy until they get to know me.

Car owner: @roadrunner_302

Photographer: @betsy_bryson

Alexis - IG @alexis_alcorn17

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