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Lindsay Thye

Lindsay Thye

How did you get into cars and/or modeling?

I got into cars from working on my friends '93 chevy Silverado. I started modeling to show my passion for cars. 

What are your passions and dreams?

My passions and dreams are to help the car community grow as a family. I have a car club that strives to help those in need. 

If you could own one vehicle, which would it be and why?

If i could own one vehicle it would be a 2015 Dodge Viper. Im a chevy girl at heart but ive always obsessed over the viper. 

What vehicle/s do you own? What modifications do you have? What are the plans?

I own a 2016 mustang v6 (my daily driver), a 2017 camaro rs, and a 2017 camaro ss.

On the mustang i have done a lot of cosmetic work to include interior upgrades, racing stripes, emblem deletes, spoiler upgrade, new rims, and upgraded tires. I have also put a cold air intake on it and upgraded the exhaust system. It has a custom cat back exhaust and is about to have a quad exhaust (currently is a duel exhaust). I plan on upgrading the fuel system, upgrading the throttle body and adding a throttle body spacer. Also upgrading the drive shaft, motor mounts, brakes, suspension, and adding a tune. Also going to procharge this one. They dont make v6 mustangs anymore so i think its worth it!

On the camaro rs i have done only cosmetic. I have put color changing DRLs and halos on it, as well as a wickerbill and blacked out everything on the car. Also have a custom cat back exhaust based around the chevy performance exhaust system. Plan on adding a cold air intake soon and doing some performance upgrades. Twin turbo coming soon for this car!

On the camaro ss ive done the least amount. It has a tow hook, a strut bar, BMR engine mounts, and BMR lowering springs. Plan on upgrading the whole suspension and continuing on with engine upgrades. Also a cold air intake. Definitely adding a supercharger.  

What do you feel is the best thing about yourself?

I feel the best thing about myself is i ALWAYS put people before me. I will always be there for anyone who needs help. Whether its for advice or to move out of their house. Im there.

What is something that people would never guess about you?

Some things people would've never guessed about me is i used to drag race and i am bi-sexual.

Lindsay - IG@nightstalker.s550

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