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Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes

Photographer Cat Martinez - Facebook is here and her Instagram is @rowdyyyroush

How did you get into cars and/or modeling?

My older brother Dustin got me into cars when I was ten or eleven. He used to take me for rides where we grew up in Pennsylvania and I loved it. I never got to ride in his Mustang because I had moved to California by that time, but he raved about it so much and he would always send me these gorgeous pictures and videos of it. I knew I had to have one. My 3.7 Cyclone is my second Mustang, my first was a 2000 V6, same color. I just recently got into modeling for the sake of the car club that I Co-President with my best friend Caitlin, but I'm beginning to wonder why I haven't been doing it for years. I am super at home in front of the camera and I really do enjoy it! 


What are your passions and dreams?

My passions lie in cars and the law. I wanted to work in law enforcement, but due to severe health issues, I don't think I'll ever able to do so. I have, however, worked in the legal field since 2012 and am currently a California Certified Legal Secretary. I work for family law attorneys in downtown Long Beach. I love the challenge that comes with working in the legal field because the law is always changing and is (this is the best part) open to interpretation. I have actually been grappling with myself trying to figure out if I want to go to law school, but I often have a tough time leaving my work at the office as it is and worry I'll have absolutely no personal life. Also, I kind of just want to be a race car driver, but who doesn't, right?!


If you could own one vehicle, which would it be and why?

My next (dream) vehicle will be a 2016 or 2017 GT350, which I plan to purchase for myself for my 30th birthday (or before, since I don't turn 30 until 2020). It is a beautifully crafted machine, with its 5.2 voodoo engine and sleek, daring exterior and it makes me drool. I was trying to decide the trim of the next pony I wanted, but I ended up spending over twelve hours in my friend's Shelby on a rally back in November and that was it for me! I am going to branch out of my silver comfort zone and opt for a black one. It is just such a beautiful car and I can't wait to get my hands on one!


What vehicle/s do you own? What modifications do you have? What are the plans?

I currently own my Magdalena (Maggie), which is a 2011 3.7 Cyclone. Currently the car has Flowmaster 40 Series exhaust and tips, BBK shorty headers, an SR Performance CAI, and a Hypertech Max Energy California Special tune. I'm planning to throw a 73mm throttle body and spacer in her and some other little bolt-ons as well as an updated suspension, but to be honest it will be mostly maintenance until I upgrade to the Shelby.


What do you feel is the best thing about yourself?

I believe I am a pretty well-rounded individual, in that I don't mind getting down and dirty under a car or in the engine, but I also enjoy being really girly. It's usually one end of the spectrum of the other, but I have also worked on my car and drag-raced in heels, so there can be a happy medium, too. And I have so much fun doing these shoots and working on my car. I think it's important not to take yourself too seriously because you might miss out having a good time! Also, I have pretty great legs! ;)


What is something that people would never guess about you?

I am 5'11! It is sometimes hard to tell from my pictures and people are usually really surprised when they meet me in person. Also, I don't own any flats, except for one pair that I use to go running. Heels or nothing!

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