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Taylor S

Taylor S

How did you get into cars and/or modeling?

My father owned an auto shop and a junk yard before I was even born. So I was born into the car passion family! I grew up around carsI got my first mustang in 2015, it was an ecoboost with very little modifications. That started my love for specifically mustangs, my car and I went to tons of car meets and car shows. Seeing a girl into mustangs is pretty rare so I always had people coming up to me and asking me questions. I got into modeling in 2015 as well whenever a company asked me to model their clothing for their online store. I’ve been modeling here and there ever since. So now I can put them two together and model with my car, how cool!

What are your passions and dreams?

My passion is, of course, cars. While most girls like going shopping for clothes, this girl is always shopping for car parts. I love being able to see my car go from bone stock to exactly what I imagined! I’m an American muscle girl, but don’t get me wrong, I still love my lambo’s and Porsche’s. I just love working on nice cars, it’s such a stress reliever!

If you could own one vehicle, which would it be and why?

If I could own one vehicle it would probably be a GT500. This guy has 662 horsepower, stock! 5.8 liter v8. It sounds amazing. I would want it in the same grabber blue that I have with white racing stripes. Plus it apparently goes 200 mph, great for tracking! Obviously with some modifications to it but bone stock, it’s a great car. What a dream!

What vehicle/s do you own? What modifications do you have? What are the plans?

The only vehicle I own now is a 2017 Mustang GT California Special. It’s premium as well. I only have a few modifications as of right now, but there are way more to come. I have full light tint kit on all my lights on the outside of my car, blue mirror horse tint, hood struts, and muffler delete with 5 inch tips. I plan on doing a tune, American flag badges, RTR wheels, Grill delete with a floating pony, a blank deck lid with a GT badge on it, black wrapped roof, and a turbo!

What do you feel is the best thing about yourself?

The best thing about myself is my positive attitude. I’m always looking on the bright side of things. I love making people happy and I’m always trying my best to please everyone. I love that my positive attitude has helped people and helped myself. It’s always a better life looking at all the positives and smiling through the negatives. A positive attitude is key to a happy life!

What is something that people would never guess about you?

If just looking at me, people would never guess I’m into cars and actually put all the parts of my car myself. Whenever someone comes to work in a mustang or Camaro, I always talk to them about it and they give me weird looks. They are stunned to see a girl, especially me, talk about long tubes or SVT tuners or horsepowers. Pretty sure I know more about some of these people’s car than they do. 

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