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How did you get into cars and/or modeling?

I was born into a car loving family so I would say that’s when my love for cars all started. My dad would take me to car meets in his Ferrari when I was very little, he’s taught me everything I know. When I got my mustang my friends gave me the idea to start modeling with it, so I did!

What are your passions and dreams?

I hope to one day make my parents proud by graduating college and becoming successful. One of my passions are photography, I’ve always been so interested in being able to capture a moment.

If you could own one vehicle, which would it be and why?

If I could own one vehicle it would have to be a blacked out Lamborghini Centenario with red seats because I love the style of this car and I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini for as long as I can remember.

What vehicle/s do you own? What modifications do you have? What are the plans?

I own a 2017 Ford Mustang Ecoboost. I’ve straight piped it and put an intake box in it. I plan on tuning it this winter, lowering it and hopefully wrapping it a color shifting color!

What do you feel is the best thing about yourself?

I feel that the best thing about me is how easy to get along with I am. If there’s an awkward situation I’m usually the one to break it by being goofy.

What is something that people would never guess about you?

Something that people wouldn’t guess about me would be that I’ve broken 15+ bones in cheerleading.

Atriana - IG@trini_2.3

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